Blog Post #1 – Indigenous Groups and The Stories Among Them

Step 1:

  • Inuit – This group is known to reside in arctic regions such as Alaska and Canada. They are commonly known as Eskimos and hunt food by spear fishing.

It would be interesting to be a tourist in this region as their environment is very different from the one I live in. The climate is extremely than mine as they live in cold temperatures in barrens areas.

  • ! Kung – People within this group are refereed to as “Bushmen”. This group resides in South Africa. One of their traditions that revolves around the holiday Christmas is eating a large animal (Ox) together. They can be known for teasing one another even if what they say is untrue.

By being a tourist you would be able to learn the differences in their traditions, where their food sources are/come from, and how they treat one another.

  • Tiv – This group resides in Western Africa. They preform many ceremonies involving their elders. They also like to drink and mingle amongst one another quite often. During these drinking sessions they are known for telling stories and having a designated “story teller”. Within these stories different outcomes to shared stories become present.

It would be interesting to visit this group as you could take part of their story telling, and in turn learn the differences between shared stories.

Step 2:

  • Inuit – (1) People don’t like to be called Eskimos among their own people. They prefer Inuit but know that outsiders call them Eskimos.

    (2) An anthropologist once tried to learn their way of hunting (spear fishing), he wanted to be able to provide food to the people (play his part).

  • ! Kung – (1) An anthropologist living among the ! Kung was in charge of getting the ox for the feast. He ended up believing he had picked a bad Ox because all the Bushmen kept teasing him on the ox he had chosen.

    (2) – They usually have little food so Christmas is a special occasion where everyone gets to eat as much as they want.

  • Tiv – (1) An anthropologist shared the story of Hamlet with an elder and learned how her version of the story was much different then their version of it.

    (2) Many ceremonies are preformed and when they aren’t being preformed people will drink at the start of the day. They will sing, dance, and play drums when this occurs.