Opening My Eyes To New Perspectives

Before I began studying the Ainu I did not know much about the group. My knowledge was very limited, I was only aware of the location of the indigenous group and some of the holidays that the region took part of. The research I conducted, helped me to become incredibly more knowledgeable about the Ainu.

When someone thinks of the Ainu and learn they are from Okinawa, they may make assumptions about this group. They may look at the modernized Okinawa and think the Ainu fall into the same category of people. However, this is false as the relationship the Ainu has with the people and tourists of Japan is not stable. This goes to show that this group is more than a single story, that their cultures values and traditions differ from those of modern Japan which has led to the unstable relationship.

As I touched basis on in the previous paragraph, tourism does have a negative effect on Ainu people. Tourists help to promote modernization of Okinawa, because of this, past beliefs, traditions, and essential parts of culture are lost. Tourism is hiding the history of the people that lived their and is promoting an ever changing future. Since the Ainu do not support this and wish to continue living with their traditions, problems have occurred between the groups. This is promoting a single story as the tourist are simply viewing the Ainu of people as the past and not the future.

By researching the Ainu I learned specific customs, holidays, and ways of living that the Ainu take part in. By learning all these elements I was able to deepen my knowledge on belief systems, ways of survival, and values that other groups of people hold dear. It was able to open my own perspectives to another way of viewing the world.

The most important aspect I applied to my blog posts was in depth research. I read through and watched many different sources of information before writing anything for the blog post. This gave me a good basis on how I wanted to build my post and what was the most important factors to talk about in my post. I also used organization to help build my blog posts, this helped to keep my thoughts in order and keep adding to my ideas without getting lost.